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Substance Abuse Intervention in Wisconsin

When a family chooses to organize an intervention, they may not find local intervention resources within Wisconsin.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in Wisconsin.  Drug and alcohol intervention is the best way to get an addict to go to drug rehabilitation.  When you start to search for drug treatment programs in Wisconsin, the treatment centers may refer you to an intervention group.  If you are struggling to find a treatment center, our intervention group will help you locate the best possible rehabilitation program for the addict.  It is important to find a center that will treat all aspects of the addiction.  Depending on the severity of the addiction, this may be short-term treatment or a long-term inpatient program.

How Family Intervention Works

Interventions are done to help an addict understand the importance of going to rehab.  If the family does not hire a professional interventionist, they may struggle to convince the addict to go to rehab.  There are also problems with enabling, or the family may be afraid of the addict. When you first engage Newman Interventions for help, there is a considerable amount of time spent on the phone.  We want to gather important information, get to know the family, and answer all your questions about intervention and drug addiction.  The planning is extensive, and there is a lot of communication, but the intervention happens fast.  From the time everyone comes together and the family starts to read their letters, an addict often makes their decision quickly. 

The ideal scene is the addict will give in and agree to go to drug rehab.  Once they hear the letters from the family and the impact the addiction is taking on them, this will often be enough to convince them to go to treatment.  However, a certified interventionist will prepare the family if they happen to resist and say no.  If this happens, the family must follow through with the bottom line.  These are the consequences for when they say no, and each circumstance is different, but it is something that the addict cannot go without.  For example, if an addict has children, the spouse may threaten a restraining order if they do not go for help. 


Drug Addiction Trends in Wisconsin

Substance abuse and addiction affect many lives, and there are numerous families and individuals that live in Wisconsin who are battling these issues. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, approximately 21.9% of the population were binge drinking in the past month. Also, 38.7% of the population perceive great risk from weekly binge drinking. Between 2014 and 2019, there were 6,233 drug overdose deaths, and 4,515 of those deaths were due to polydrug use.

If you are searching for a professional intervention group in Wisconsin, Newman Interventions will help. Our intervention team will help you organize the intervention and take every step to ensure your loved one safely makes it to treatment.           

Sources cited–https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/stats/aoda.htm

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