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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Illinois

Newman Interventions is a nationwide intervention group and will travel to Illinois to help your family conduct an intervention.  Drug and alcohol intervention is the most successful way to get an addict committed to going to treatment.  Drug addiction affects everyone differently, and most addicts will refuse help, thinking they have their drug problem under control.  The family and anyone close to the addict know this is not true, but you may not know how to proceed. 

Hiring a professional interventionist ensures the intervention is done properly.  Newman Interventions has the qualifications and training to handle the problems that come up.  A certified interventionist will prepare the family for everything to come.  Regardless of the types of drugs or alcohol that are being abused, it is possible to show the addict what their addiction is doing to them and their people. 


The Family Intervention Process

One of the most important parts of the intervention is setting boundaries, also known as a bottom line or consequences.  When the family sets boundaries, they must be willing to consider what they can do to show the addict they mean business.  This is not easy to do, and it becomes emotional, especially when the addict makes others feel guilty.  Unfortunately, when you are addicted to drugs, you take advantage of other people’s weaknesses to fuel your addiction.  A professional intervention helps families in Illinois set this bottom line.  

There should be no time for the addict to think about the choice; it is either yes or no.  Yes, they will receive treatment, or no, they refuse, and the family will follow through with their bottom line. Doing whatever it takes is important, and if you abandon these boundaries, you are back to square one again. Certified interventionists know how to keep the intervention moving in the right direction.

The interventionist will safely handle the problems that come up and escort the addict to the treatment center.  Even if you do not have a drug rehab program or detox lined up, Newman Interventions can help you locate a suitable program in Illinois or out of state. 


Substance Abuse Trends in Illinois

Drug and alcohol abuse affects people from all across the state. According to the Illinois Department of Human Services, approximately 5% of all deaths in the state are directly or indirectly connected to drugs or alcohol. The annual Illinois statewide economic costs associated with alcohol or drugs is more than $3.5 billion.

Heroin is one of the most problematic drugs in Illinois, along with crack cocaine.  Marijuana is still the most widely used substance, along with alcohol.  Regardless of the type of drug the addict is using, they can be convinced to get help.  If you are searching for professional intervention in Illinois, you should be reaching out to Newman Interventions for help.              

Sources cited– https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=31787

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