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What is the difference between Christian and faith-based drug addiction treatment in California?



Christian drug rehab programs in California are considered faith-based drug addiction treatment options. A Christian drug rehab program is a drug addiction treatment that involves faith-based healing and recovery using Christian teachings and philosophies. The aim of the Christian drug rehab program is to help empower the drug addict with Christian-based philosophies that help them maintain their sobriety. The goals of a Christian drug rehab program in California are no different than any other drug rehab center. Each goal is Christ-based and aims to strengthen the spiritual foundation to aid in recovery. For example, this includes committing all your life to Christ’s care and control, strengthening the spiritual foundation. Overall, the rehabilitation process is the same and involves different therapies, counseling, and Christian teachings.

Faith-based drug rehab in California is a broad description for any drug rehab program that incorporates faith and spiritual teachings into rehabilitation. No single form of drug rehab is right for every person, yet countless people find spirituality a comforting mechanism and something that provides solace. Belief plays an important role in faith-based drug rehab programs. The goal of drug rehab is to use both religious and rehabilitation options to achieve sobriety. Faith-based drug rehab options in California are offered within many different communities. There are significant benefits with faith-based drug rehab programs, especially if the person feels that their faith is important to them. Rehabilitation that is received is similar, yet the program incorporates faith into the drug treatment process.