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What should I do if a 12-Step Drug Rehab Program in California does not work?



Twelve-step drug rehab in California is an active engagement strategy designed to increase the likelihood of a drug addict becoming affiliated with a support group. The three key ideas surrounding 12-step facilitation are acceptance, which includes realizing that drug addiction is a chronic progressive disease, surrendering to a higher power, and active involvement in 12-step meetings. However, these approaches are not for everyone, and no single form of drug rehab is right for everyone. If a 12-step drug rehab program in California is not working, it is time to reconsider and select another option like a non-12-step drug rehab program. Twelve-step drug rehab programs are the mantra of most treatment centers, but it does not always work for everyone.

Alternative drug rehab in California is out there, and knowing your options can be the difference between getting the support you need and feeling frustrated and isolated. Moreover, if religion or spirituality is something that is not significant, a twelve-step drug rehab program may not be the right option, and it would not necessarily work.  It is important to consider what is more important and focus on a different healing aspect and recover from addiction. There is nothing wrong with knowing that a 12-step drug rehab program in California is not working. When this occurs, it is time to change approaches and receive an addiction assessment that can help determine what drug rehab options are the best fit.