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Treatment is for the addict, but intervention is for family and friends. This special meeting helps anyone in an addict’s life know that they did their best to help.

It’s hard to calculate statistics on the effectiveness of drug interventions, but they do increase the likelihood of an addict seeking treatment. Newman Intervention Services is dedicated to helping families and saving lives.

Drug interventions can be an emotionally charged atmosphere that is difficult to navigate. It’s important to have the right people in the room.

If you or someone you love is in need of professional intervention services, check out the 3 things you need to know about Newman Intervention Services below.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a method that friends, families, and counseling professionals use to help persuade friends, family, or clients to seek help. The help may not always be for drug addiction – it can also deal with other traumas or issues. 

Interventions can be either invitational or confrontational. Professionals involved can choose to implement positive psychology, gradually escalate, or foster discussion.

The type of intervention conducted is based on the needs of those involved.

1. You’ll Plan Ahead of Time

The most important factor in the success of an intervention is the planning conducted before the event. This will determine what kind of intervention is carried out. 

Before the intervention, everyone but the subject of the intervention should meet to discuss their needs and ideas. Not only should the type of intervention be decided, but the location and time of the intervention as well.

It is common for friends and family to prepare letters detailing their feelings about the issue. This letter should also address what behaviors they want to change after the meeting, and what consequences will result if goals aren’t met.

All of these factors play an important role in the success of the intervention. 

2. A Certified Interventionist Is Present

Most professionals do not advise friends and family to conduct an intervention without a counselor present. Counselors help manage the intense emotional nature of interventions, as well as provide a neutral presence. They can guide the discussion to keep it productive and avoid harmful results. 

Professional interventionists also know some of the best resources for addicts and other traumatic issues. Don’t forget to have a few different solutions in hand for your intervention.

3. The Founder Knows Firsthand

One of the best things about Newman Intervention Services is the knowledge of founder Robert “Bobby” Newman. Many great interventionists have experienced the struggle of addiction firsthand, and Bobby is no stranger to its difficulties.

As a professional interventionist, Bobby holds several certifications. He is a certified Intervention Professional in the state of Pennsylvania, a certified Substance Abuse Counselor in the state of Hawaii, and an internationally certified counselor. He is also an internationally certified prevention specialist

Newman Intervention Services

If your loved one is in need of intervention services, let the professionals at Newman Intervention Services guide you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help before the disease of addiction destroys someone you love. 



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