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When a loved one is on drugs, their behavior impacts the entire family and even friends.

A survey done in 2014, found that 21.5 million Americans battled some type of substance abuse, your loved one is not alone.

Often when someone is hooked on drugs they are unable to stop the addiction and it can be difficult to watch. If you have a family member whose drug addiction is spiraling out of control, there is something you can do even if they won’t seek help.

You can stage an intervention. 

Sometimes, this is the only thing that will force them into rehab. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should stage a drug and alcohol intervention, here are a few reasons why you should.

1. It Works 

Due to the nature of intervention, it becomes a reality check for the person who is addicted.

When they are confronted about the problem there may be some resistance at first and denial. However, once friends and family begin to express their concerns as well as their love and support, it often forces the addict to take a hard look at how they are living.

The fact that family and friends also discuss how the addict’s drug abuse is impacting them personality is usually a source of awakening for the abuser. They begin to realize the negative impact they are having not only on themselves but also on those they love.

2. It Is Not Difficult To Set Up 

The key to an intervention that works is to have the right participants. Once you know who you want to participate, it is just a matter of setting a date and time that is convenient for everyone.

Make sure that you exclude anyone who condones drug abuse in any way.

Choose family members and friends who will be strong even in the face of anger and rejection by the drug abuser. Often when confronted addicts lash out.

Include professionals if you can. A professional interventionist can give you valuable intervention tips that will help to ensure that an intervention is seen by the abuser, not as a confrontation but an act of support.

3. Drug and Alchohol Intervention Can Save A Life

Addiction changes people, they lose their real purpose for living when they are caught up in an addiction. An intervention can bring a turnaround in your loved one’s life and put them on the road to recovery

An intervention has the power to prevent a wasted life that may even end in premature death.

Final Thoughts

A drug and alcohol intervention is a great way to tackle the drug abuse of a family member or friend.

It is one of the best first steps to breaking the cycle of addiction and setting your loved one on the road to freedom.

Intervention has the power to save lives and help the abuser. It is also a first step in the healing process for those who have been affected by the addict’s drug abuse.

If you are thinking about doing an intervention and would like some help, please contact us.

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