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The interventionist is the individual who helps identify the appropriate people in the life of a person who is struggling with substance abuse that become an influential part of the intervention team. There is a common misconception that anyone can be there to perform the intervention, and the more people there, the more successful the intervention is. Unfortunately, this is not true, and having the wrong people there will danger the intervention and its success.

An interventionist is also the person who supports, educates, provides guidance, direction, and training, as well as the facilitation of the intervention and aftercare. There is also another common misconception that families are more successful without a local interventionist. The reasoning behind this misconception is the family does not want the addict to feel threatened or taken off guard by a stranger telling them they need help. However, this is precisely what the family should do. It is easier for a drug user to manipulate the family and those close to them than a perfect stranger trained to understand how drug-seeking behavior operates.

Staging an intervention requires the help of a professional interventionist. How to find an interventionist near me – this process involves contacting the intervention group through internet searches, or even through the local health care services. Most local addiction services know of intervention groups, and even local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and peer support groups know of a local interventionist. Yet, being able to find local addiction intervention services is not always possible. Most addiction intervention specialists operate nationwide, which means they travel across the country performing interventions.

What is Intervention and How Does it Work?

What intervention is not – it is not the place to attack, criticize, condemn, or belittle the person who is struggling with addiction. What a drug and alcohol intervention is – it is the most loving thing that family and friends can do for their loved one struggling with substance abuse. It is the first step to getting the person help, taking control, and ending the cycle of addiction.

An intervention is a family regaining control of the situation. Substance abuse takes a physical and psychological toll on everyone close to the person addicted. The moment you’re loved one consents to treatment; the family is given back control over their own lives. The people involved become organized, working with a certified intervention specialist. Everyone involved is prepared for what is to come, and the interventionist helps them expect everything. The entire process is about showing the addicted person how much his or her life means, and why treatment is essential.

An intervention works with letters from the family, and a professional interventionist helps the family write these letters. The letters express the most heartfelt emotions and are powerful tools to bring your loved one around to accept treatment. The letters, in combination with standards of behavior and Plan B, if all else fails, ensures the success of any intervention.

What is the Success Rate of Intervention?

Intervention success is determined by multiple factors. Initially, it is the expertise and experience of the professional interventionist. A good interventionist familiarizes the family with what to expect, educates them about addiction and drug-seeking behavior. A successful intervention happens when the family is fully prepared, knows what to do, and sticks to the plan. The second most successful action of any intervention is the cohesion of everyone involved. Moreover, this is why having a professional interventionist is essential to help determine who is involved during the intervention.

The success rate of an intervention is also determined by the follow up when the intervention is successful. Anyone who enters treatment for the first time will want to leave. The urge to leave treatment may last for a few days or even a week. Yet, this time is crucial for the family to remain vigilant and continue to follow the guidance of the interventionist. Any good intervention specialist works with the family all the way through treatment. This is the dedication that professional interventionists have, and it ensures success.

Why Hire an Interventionist Near Me and Choose Professional Intervention?

The goal of any intervention is to save the life of the addict. Also, it begins the healing process within the family dynamic. Hiring a professional interventionist is ensuring the process starts, and your loved one is given every opportunity to save their life. Choosing professional intervention provides the family with returning control over their lives. Drug and alcohol addiction is devastating, and it truly is an endless cycle of pain, grief, and anguish. Addiction does not stop unless someone acts and intervenes.

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