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Are you in search of a “Substance Abuse Counselor Near Me?” There are many addiction specialists throughout the nation. The most important element of a specialist is how they connect with you. 

We want to help guide you to the best fit for you and your situation. We understand that drug addiction is painful for both the sufferer and family. It’s a sensitive, and often, delicate situation.

There are many benefits to seeing a substance abuse counselor. They work to keep you on track, healthy, and more. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of seeing a substance abuse counselor near you!  

Benefit #1: They Offer Helpful Resources

A substance abuse counselor will do all that’s in their power to help you overcome addiction. The challenge of addiction is that it clouds your judgment. Substance abuse counselors encourage you to have an open mind.

They’ll do this by introducing you to outside resources. If you mention you’re struggling with stress, they may direct you to a stress meditation book. The goal is to help you deal with life as well as your addiction.

Benefit #2: Safe Place to Speak Your Mind Without the Fear of Judgement 

When you sit down with a substance abuse counselor, you will have the chance to vent without worry. You won’t have to be afraid of judgment because a counselor must keep up confidentiality. A counselor won’t share what you tell them with your friends, family, or employers.

You can feel free to express what’s troubling you. Since the therapeutic relationship is professional, it won’t affect your everyday life. But, it’s important to remember that counselors are under certain rules and restrictions.

Threatening suicide or harming others will lead to a breach of confidentiality. This is a rule under the law to ensure your safety and of others. 

Benefit #3: Illustrate the Process of Recovery

Substance abuse counselors will cheer you on as you work toward recovery. As we know, they will give you resources for you to use. Aside from outside sources, they’ll also educate you on the process of recovery. 

You can talk to them about particular challenges you are facing. This could be as simple as having a bad day and feeling temptations. They walk you through understanding denial, acceptance, anger, or feelings of hurt.  

Benefit #4: They Can Give You Better Tools to Cope with Addiction

A certified substance abuse counselor will give you tools to cope with your triggers. Out of control addictions can become life-threatening for you and your family members. The goal is to accept you have a problem.

Overcoming the first stage of denial is one of the hardest parts of recovery. You don’t have to go about recovering alone, so set up a strong support system! 

Benefit #5: A “Substance Abuse Counselor Near Me” Is Close in Case of Emergency, Relapse, or Crisis 

It’s important that you have a support group for the ups and downs in life. If you find yourself struggling in your day to day life, seek help! A substance abuse counselor is an addiction specialist.

That means they know how to handle tough situations that pose a high risk for you. Don’t wait for the troubles to pass. When you first feel that you’re struggling on your recovery, schedule an appointment.

Not in recovery? That’s alright too. No matter where you stand with your addiction, a counselor will do everything to help you.

Choosing the Right Substance Abuse Counselors 

When you type in, “Substance Abuse Counselor Near Me’ you might not get what you’re looking for. You may find counselors near you with high qualifications and great ratings. But that’s not what matters when you sit down in a session.

The most important aspect is clicking with your counselor and feeling comfortable. Choosing the right counselor is important because they give you encouragement and confidence. Need help?

Give us a call, and we’ll discuss your needs!   

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