Bobby was awesome!  We contacted him on Thursday and he flew right to us on Friday.  We could not have done this without him.  Our son was tough because naturally he didn’t think he had a problem.  Bobby stood by us for seven days.  He did not give up.   He is so knowledgeable in the addiction field.   I feel like our family gained a friend.   Bobby is a great guy!

V. Burch

Without Bobby I don’t think we would have had the strength to get our eighteen year old daughter the help she needs. The whole process happened so fast that our heads were spinning and without Bobby’s guidance and resolve things would have had a much different outcome. We contacted Bobby on a Wednesday night and he was at our house the next day guiding us on what to expect and what was needed for the intervention with our daughter. The intervention took place on Friday morning and by Saturday midday she was on a plane with Bobby heading  for treatment. His steadfast determination to get our daughter to agree to treatment never wavered and was a beacon of strength when we needed it most. Bobby is able to relate and explain to all parties involved his experiences in dealing with individuals who have had similar situations or one’s that seem far worse and the success that has been achieved through treatment.  I can’t thank Bobby enough for helping our family, It takes a hero to do what you do!!!

S. Tillman

Bobby was amazing every step of the way. Not only did he skillfully convince my daughter to go to rehab, but he was there for me throughout the process. As a professional in the field of mental health and addictions, I can honestly say that Bobby’s knowledge and expertise coupled with his personal experience helps him stand out from other interventionists. As a mother, his genuine attitude and commitment to helping others supported me in setting appropriate boundaries with my loved one during a very dark and challenging time. I felt safe, supported and knew that I could trust him. If you’re looking for support in helping someone you love find recovery, Bobby is the guy! I am forever grateful!



Bobby, Thank you so much for coming to Steve’s aid in his darkest hour. My family will forever be grateful for you. I hope Steve will be lifted out of the shadows and see the light very soon. I can not Express enough respect and gratitude I have that there are people out there that do what you do every day for the lives of strangers.
Simply amazing,

M Parker

Mr. Newman (Bobby) provides a focused, professional and heartfelt service for those in need at the worst time. This is important to understand the phrase “being focused”, because it’s difficult to comprehend what to do when you are dealing with an addict that is in full swing. Nobody in our family has ever went through this so when our daughter finally reached out to us for help, we had no clue what to do.

Our daughter was living with a dealer and battling a terrible heroin/meth addiction. She is 27 years old. My wife and I convinced her to ride home with us after showing up unannounced at the residence. She was coming off a 5 day high and was extremely paranoid, delusional, and still under the influence. We were able to drive her home and put her in a spare bed, she crashed hard.

Once Bobby received word that his service was requested, he immediately contacted us. He was working in Los Angeles at the time, but assured me he would be at my doorstep when our daughter woke up (1300 miles away). Bobby stayed in a hotel close to our home later that evening, awaiting our call when our daughter woke up.

Once he received the call, he was at the door. He walked the family through expectations of our daughter’s reactions and assisted each of us in drafting an intervention letter. The process worked. She agreed and Bobby delivered her to the rehabilitation center without incident. Bobby has been there, in the gutter, and understand how an addicts mind works. The lies, the coercion, and the sheer will an addict has just to make everyone happy so they will be left alone to get the fix. It’s remarkable.

Bobby has my endorsement, I will tell you that I am convinced my daughter would not have agreed to treatment with just the family on hand. This type of situation needs a facilitator, an intervention specialist.

W. Ash

I have no experience with interventionists, but I do have experience with people. I can tell you that Bobby Newman is a hardworking, caring person who is dedicated to helping save the lives of addicts. Bobby worked tirelessly over a holiday weekend to provide the help and support needed to get my adult daughter to agree to go to rehab.

My daughter had a serious prescription drug problem that altered her personality. She insisted that she was not taking drugs but in reality she had been self-medicating herself for almost 10 years. She would not sleep for days then crash for days along with lying and stealing cash and credit cards. I assumed if she was not doing drugs she had a serious mental health problem but she refused to get help. The situation finally exploded when I found a stash of her drugs and took them away. When she discovered they were gone she attacked me and starting breaking things in the house. This is when I knew I needed help beyond what I was capable of handling.

None of this would have been possible without Bobby’s help.

I was referred to Bobby through a series of phone calls I made to drug counseling centers. He traveled all night so he could provide help as quickly as possible. Bobby met with my family and helped us put a plan together to confront my daughter. He also provided support and guidance to put a plan together in case the intervention did not go well. The initial intervention did not go well. With Bobby’s support I was able to take the action to throw my daughter out of the house. I would not have been able to do this without him. He reassured me that it sometimes took a few days for the person to face the reality of their situation and then finally agree to get help. It took my daughter about 30 hours before she agreed to go to rehab. The next day I checked her into a facility. She has since graduated from the drug program she attended. She’s sober for the first time in ten years. None of this would have been possible without Bobby’s help.

Terri H.

We had been concerned about my grandson’s escalating use of marijuana for some time. But when he came back from a music festival in an angry and frightening state after also ingesting mushrooms, our anxiety required action. My grandson is very able and very loved. We were watching him truly endanger his life and we were terrified.

I believe that Bobby helped us save his life and I am eternally grateful.

We contacted Bobby Newman based on a strong recommendation about his experience, caring and success. Bobby patiently answered all of our many questions and we set up an intervention based on his step-by- step instructions. Bobby arrived at my home. We introduced him to my grandson. We followed Bobby’s pattern and my grandson agreed to leave for a rehab program. That night he was packed and on a plane. I believe that Bobby has helped us give my grandson a chance to straighten out his life. In fact, I believe that Bobby helped us save his life and I am eternally grateful. The future will be in my grandson’s hands, but we have given him a chance for true survival, true success.

My heartfelt thanks to Bobby; there are no words to convey what is in my heart but I think he will understand.

Diane K.

Thank you Robert for all your help with an intervention with my son. I had tried many times to get into a program to help with his addiction but was unsuccessful every time. I appreciate your time and willingness to help us. Your ideas on the intervention letter writing guide were great. You made a very tense and emotional situation stay calm.

You made a very tense and emotional situation stay calm.

You were also a big help in telling us about your own experiences with how you went to treatment and your success after being in the program. It was great to have you there and to take him directly to the program. I would recommend you highly to any family that finds themselves in the same situation. I wish you lots of success in the future.


My son had been abusing drugs for several years. His drug use brought on a lot of anxiety, fears and heart ache to our family and friends. We tried kicking him out, took away the phone and car but all that didn’t stop him from destroying his life. He had tried to quit a couple of time but it was unsuccessful because his “drug” friends were still in his life.

I knew in my heart that my son needed to go away to get clean.

By chance, another mom I had been praying with suggested we contact this drug abuse hotline. She found the people on the phone to be helpful and sympathetic. She gave the staff my number and within a day, Bobby Newman flew in, sat me and my husband down, laid out his plan and went over how he was going to get my son to leave with him to Oklahoma. He was confident he could help us. I knew in my heart that my son needed to go away to get clean. I didn’t know anything about Bobby or what this whole intervention thing was about. But Bobby spent a couple of hours coaching us and answering our questions. He knew what he was doing. And sure enough, my son left with him that evening.

My son is now home and doing well. It is a day to day journey for our family but we are thankful for Bobby for coming out to Hawaii.

JH, Hawaii Mom

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