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I have no experience with interventionists, but I do have experience with people. I can tell you that Bobby Newman is a hardworking, caring person who is dedicated to helping save the lives of addicts. Bobby worked tirelessly over a holiday weekend to provide the help and support needed to get my adult daughter to agree to go to rehab.

My daughter had a serious prescription drug problem that altered her personality. She insisted that she was not taking drugs but in reality she had been self-medicating herself for almost 10 years. She would not sleep for days then crash for days along with lying and stealing cash and credit cards. I assumed if she was not doing drugs she had a serious mental health problem but she refused to get help. The situation finally exploded when I found a stash of her drugs and took them away. When she discovered they were gone she attacked me and starting breaking things in the house. This is when I knew I needed help beyond what I was capable of handling.

None of this would have been possible without Bobby’s help.

I was referred to Bobby through a series of phone calls I made to drug counseling centers. He traveled all night so he could provide help as quickly as possible. Bobby met with my family and helped us put a plan together to confront my daughter. He also provided support and guidance to put a plan together in case the intervention did not go well. The initial intervention did not go well. With Bobby’s support I was able to take the action to throw my daughter out of the house. I would not have been able to do this without him. He reassured me that it sometimes took a few days for the person to face the reality of their situation and then finally agree to get help. It took my daughter about 30 hours before she agreed to go to rehab. The next day I checked her into a facility. She has since graduated from the drug program she attended. She’s sober for the first time in ten years. None of this would have been possible without Bobby’s help.