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Bobby came and helped us with our son. It was not an easy intervention, because of our son having gone to previous AA treatment centers and always relapsing. When our son had wanted to find help, I began searching online. Bobby and his team responded and suggested a place. But with no job, no money and no insurance there was not much chance of finding a place.

After a few weeks, we were contacted again and asked if my son had gotten help. By then he had given up and was suicidal. I felt that being contacted out of blue like that had to be divine appointment. Desperate, we let them know how much we needed them and talked via the phone coordinating everything.

Our son is now in a facility and doing really great. Health comes first. So getting healthy is the key. We are so grateful for Newman Interventions following up to see if we had found a place to get help. Thank you to the Newman Intervention team and the hard work that you do. You’ll never know how much you helped.