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My son had been abusing drugs for several years. His drug use brought on a lot of anxiety, fears and heart ache to our family and friends. We tried kicking him out, took away the phone and car but all that didn’t stop him from destroying his life. He had tried to quit a couple of time but it was unsuccessful because his “drug” friends were still in his life.

I knew in my heart that my son needed to go away to get clean.

By chance, another mom I had been praying with suggested we contact this drug abuse hotline. She found the people on the phone to be helpful and sympathetic. She gave the staff my number and within a day, Bobby Newman flew in, sat me and my husband down, laid out his plan and went over how he was going to get my son to leave with him to Oklahoma. He was confident he could help us. I knew in my heart that my son needed to go away to get clean. I didn’t know anything about Bobby or what this whole intervention thing was about. But Bobby spent a couple of hours coaching us and answering our questions. He knew what he was doing. And sure enough, my son left with him that evening.

My son is now home and doing well. It is a day to day journey for our family but we are thankful for Bobby for coming out to Hawaii.