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Desperate, hopeless, confused, scared, angry. These are some of the emotions I felt as the parent of a drug addict. My daughter was a heroin addict. Many years ago I suspected my daughter was becoming a drug addict and I confronted her and received the “no mom you are crazy” answer. I keep looking and found the evidence I needed to confirm my suspicions. Empty tiny zip lock bags with white reside, cut up straws, money and jewelry missing from my house, and the like.

I gave her an ultimatum and she went to Rehab. This lasted one week and she managed to get herself thrown out by not following the rules. Here we go again. The mood swings, rage, anger, and the like were more frequent. And so were the car accidents. Again, I gave the ultimatum and off to Rehab #2 she goes. This lasted 4 days and she called me to pick her up. My response – “sorry wrong number” and I hung up. I cried for days and refused to answer any phone call from a number I did not know (she did not have her cell phone). She left message after message and I did not call back. She was on the streets in the “badlands” where drugs, prostitution, robbery, and overdoses were rampant. About 2 weeks later, I received a phone call from Caller ID stating “Pay Phone.” I answered and she was crying, stating she needed help and to come pick her up. I said only if she gets help. She agreed. Of course she agreed, she was out of options. Once again I was sucked into the enabling role of trying to get my daughter help. I picked her up and took her to her house (a house I owned and paid all her bills for).

She wanted to detox herself by taking prescribed sleeping pills so she could sleep through the withdrawal. In theory this sounded like a great idea. The reality – it was a terrible idea. I actually sat in the corner of my daughter’s bedroom while she slept and counted her breaths. I watched her wake up every hour or two and take more prescription meds. I actually allowed my daughter to overdose on sleeping pills in front of me. Then I called 911. I begged the Police and the ER doctors and nurses to 302 her. This is putting her on a Psych Hold for 72 hours mandatory with no chance of leaving. I kept saying she needed help and if no one will help me to make this happen then she will die! It took 2 days of me screaming like an idiot in the hospital before someone actually listened to me and put her on a 302 hold. Off to the Psych Hospital she goes.

So far this sounds like the answer to my prayers. My daughter will be off drugs, locked in a hospital with no chance of escape and on her way to recovery. Boy was I wrong!!! After 5 days she was discharged from the Psych hospital and told to follow up at a Methadone Clinic the following morning. I had limited knowledge of Methadone at the time, and again thought this was a miracle drug that would prevent her from using Heroin. Again, I was wrong! All Methadone did was make her sleep all the time. Car accidents became a weekly occurrence since she would fall asleep at the wheel, and then the DUI. I did not know you were not allowed to drive while on Methadone. This lesson cost me $25,000 in legal fees.
The commitment of going to a Methadone clinic is a 7 day a week commitment to get dosed. Then there are weekly group meetings, and a weekly 1-1 meeting with a counselor. Truthfully, the only one inconvenienced was me since I had to drive her on a daily basis since I took the car away from her. My daughter was just going through the motions of being on Methadone. Truth be told, I helped my daughter switch her addiction from Heroin to Methadone.

I started doing research and found Methadone is far worse then Heroin and much more difficult to get off of. This was also a cash clinic, no insurance accepted, so they wanted her to stay on the drug forever to keep money flowing into their pockets. I finally had enough! Time to get off this Methadone. My daughter’s dose seemed to continually increase, she was sleeping all time time, even while standing up, and could no longer function in this world. I begged her to go to Rehab and she refused. She said she would start decreasing her dose on a weekly basis and get off this. Nope – I’m not falling for this again. I had enough! Now I had suspicions she was drinking alcohol while on high doses of Methadone which is a lethal combination.

I was so desperate and could not seem to get any help or answers as to how I could get my daughter off Methadone and start living her life. I was researching yet again information on the computer when a pop up window appeared. This person started typing and I was so desperate that I typed back. After about 1 hour of typing, this lady named Joan called me. We spoke for about 2 hours and she said she could help. Joan had the answers I desperately needed. Joan was going to fix all that was wrong with my daughter. Could I yet again get sucked into some false reality thinking a woman on the other end of the phone would be able to help my daughter? Was I losing my mind? Was I so desperate that I will talk to some stranger and tell her my personal problems and believe she could help? The answer is yes, I was that desperate!

Then Joan said to hold on and she will get Bobby on the phone. Bobby Newman an Interventionist was now on a 3 way call with Joan and myself. This was approximately 7:00 on Saturday night. I told Bobby what was going on, what I did to try and help my daughter, and everything that failed. Bobby said he would get on a plane the next afternoon and be at my house Sunday night. What just happened? Is Bobby my guardian angel who will fix this? Can he really help my daughter who has been lost to drugs for 12 years? Can I survive another disappointment not being able to help my daughter? Will Bobby get her into rehab? Will she stay in Rehab? I had so many questions and fears, and Bobby reassured me when we met on Sunday night I would get all the answers I needed, even if we had to stay up all night discussing my fears and concerns.

Sunday night arrived and Bobby is sitting at the kitchen table with myself and my husband explaining the process, who will sit where, who will say what, and exactly how this would happen. It was exactly like the TV Show “Intervention”. I could not believe how well planned everything was down to the letters my husband and I had to write to our drug addict daughter. There was 3 pages of instructions on how to write the perfect letter.

Now its Monday morning and the Intervention is going to take place. I manged to make up some crazy excuse to pick my daughter up and bring her to my house. As soon as she saw Bobby she said “this is an intervention.” Yes it was. She only said “No No No” to rehab for about 5 minutes and then agreed to go with Bobby to rehab. Bobby knew how to talk to her, how to diffuse the situation, how to give my daughter hope. Bobby was able to accomplish this in 5 minutes where I tried for years with no success.

Due to the extremely high dose of Methadone she was on, her first stop was a Detox Center equipped to handle her high doses and get her off this poison. Bobby was my guardian angel. He was able to accomplish what I could not. He reassured my daughter. He reassured me. He kept in touch after the Intervention to make sure all of us were okay.

My daughter has been gone for 1 month. 12 days in a Detox Center and 2-1/2 weeks at Rehab. We are in the early stages of her sobriety. But the best part is – we are in sobriety! My daughter has not had any Methadone in 1 month, no medication at all since she went to Rehab. The Detox Center did give her some pain meds and anti-anxiety meds to get her through withdrawal. There have been 3 rounds of withdrawal, 2 from Methadone, and 1 from Benzos from the Detox Center pain meds. I have spoken to my daughter a few times on the phone and she sounds amazing, full of hope, full of plans for the future, and excited to live her life of sobriety. I am not saying this will be easy, but we all finally have some hope for the future all because of Bobby.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction, please call Bobby Newman. He can truly help. He is my guardian angel and I will forever be thankful for all he did for us! When you feel you are out of options and have no where to turn, pick up the phone and reach out to Bobby. I guarantee you will be glad you did. If you are the parent of an addict, then you too suffer from a different addiction, the addiction to help your child. Bobby is the antidote to all of this. Start the healing process for yourself and your addicted loved one, call Bobby!