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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Arizona

Newman Interventions is a nationwide organization and will travel to every corner of the country to help families in need.  Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is not easy.  Families in Arizona with drug-addicted family members struggle with the stress of the addiction daily.  Professional interventionists know what a family is going through, and what the addiction is doing to the family.  When Newman Interventions travels to Arizona, the goal is to help the family regain control of the situation.  Drug addiction affects people in different ways, some families become caught up in enabling the addict.  This will often make the addiction go on longer because the addict knows there is someone there to clean up the mess. 

When a professional interventionist meets the family in Arizona, they will help you understand how enabling works, and how you can stop it.  Addiction consumes an addict physically and mentally, and in the more serious cases, this is all the person has in his or her life.

This is why an intervention must be done with a professional interventionist.  The family must come together, and Newman Interventions will help you bring family members together who can help.  The goal is to save the addict’s life, and this can only be done by getting him or her into treatment.  Arizona has a population of well over six million people.  The population of Phoenix is pushing 1.5 million residents, and substance abuse affect a percentage of people living in every city or town. 

Regardless of where you are in Arizona, Newman Interventions will travel to you.  The certified interventionist will help the family line up treatment, organize the intervention, and be with them every step of the way.  Most families struggling with addiction do not know how to take control of the situation.  This is normal, addiction brings out strong emotion, old arguments, and disagreements because everyone is looking at what they could have done differently.  Professional interventionists make the process go right, and reassure the family it is possible to get their loved one some help.  Regardless of the types of drugs the addict is using, and where they are in Arizona, the family can get them to treatment. 

When you contact Newman Interventions you are taking the first step.  Drug addiction in Arizona affects residents from all over the state.  Mohave County, for example, has a population of over 200,000 residents.  Between 2012 and 2016 there were over 240 drug-related deaths.  This is by far the worst situation for any family with a loved one battling addiction.  There is always a way to convince an addict to get help, and a certified interventionist with Newman Interventions makes this possible.