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Sober Coaching in California for Alcohol Addiction



Alcohol addiction rehab and support groups in California have served as the backbone for the recovery community. However, sober coaching in California for alcohol addiction provides recovering alcoholics inspiration and accountability during their road to recovery. A sober coach’s primary goal is to help keep an alcoholic sober as they begin their recovery after alcohol rehab. The idea behind a sober coach in California is to serve as a bridge between formal alcohol rehab programs and information support groups. Alcoholics anonymous in California and support groups do not work for everyone, and many recovering alcoholics want a more personal and one-on-one approach. Moreover, sober coaches offer individualized plans that are tailored to the needs of the recovering alcoholic.

Some of the common services that sober coaches offer include a daily connection and conversation for those in recovery. Also, they act as a bridge to other support groups and help provide accountability to complete abstinence from substances. Sober coaches help recovering alcoholics set up goals and create healthy habits or maintain the healthy habits they learn during alcohol rehab. Moreover, it is an opportunity to explore how community, family, and friends can support recovery and build skills and coping strategies. Sober coaching in California is an excellent option for recovering alcoholics that are not interested in 12-step meetings or peer support groups.


What Services do Sober Coaches in California Provide?

The services that sober coaches in California provide vary and include in-person and remote coaching, addiction recovery coaching, family intervention, nutrition during recovery coaching, alcohol rehab suggestions, and even sober transport in some cases. Most recovering alcoholics that hire sober coaches use them for alcohol recovery. However, a good sober coach is well versed and has the qualifications to offer a range of services to promote healthy living during recovery. Sober coaches do not necessarily have to be in the same county or state, and a significant benefit with sober coaching in California is providing services remotely. Of course, every circumstance is different, and there are numerous sober coaches locally in California.

Sober coaches provide one-on-one assistance to newly recovering alcoholics. However, they can also perform family intervention and help the family convince an alcoholic they need treatment. Someone struggling with alcohol addiction is often in denial about their addiction and unwilling to seek help. Having a professional family interventionist available ensures success, and because the interventionist is a sober coach, they can follow the person through their treatment process. Sober coaches in California would also help the family locate a suitable alcohol rehabilitation program and offer ongoing support.


Are Sober Coaches in California Worth the Money and Investment?

The cost of alcohol rehab in California is often enough for people, even with the help of health insurance. The cost of treating alcohol addiction can rise quickly depending on the needs of the individual. A benefit of 12-step support groups for alcohol addiction is there is no cost involved. However, it is important to think long-term and consider individual needs. If more individualized approaches are warranted, then a sober coach should be considered. Overall, determining whether or not getting a sober coach is worth the cost is a personal choice. Recovering from alcohol addiction is not easy, even after completing an alcohol rehab program in California.

However, there are some things to consider when weighing the cost-benefit for a sober coach. Initially, the recovering alcoholic should consider if they have friends or family around that provide a supportive environment during recovery. The recovering alcoholic should also consider if hiring a sober coach in California will cause a financial strain—stress associated with money is not easy to manage. Personal choices should be made regarding the need for outside help in avoiding triggers and staying sober. Also, personal commitment to maintaining healthy habits and daily activities after making the financial investment. Finally, giving 12-step meetings or support groups a try to know whether they are helpful. Investing in a sober coach is worth it, but it should be a personal choice after weighing the options.


How Do I Find a Sober Coach in California?

Sober coaches in California can become valuable in providing support and accountability. However, they can also become a crutch, and some recovering alcoholics struggle to move on when they no longer need a sober coach—it is important to know what is involved with a sober coach when searching for one. Most sober coaches or recovery coaches are therapists, health care professionals and are typically former alcoholics. There are no formal licenses for sober coaches besides their existing credentials in working with alcoholics and recovering alcoholics. Sober coaches are easily found on the internet but can also be located through state or private healthcare providers and alcohol rehab referral agencies.

A sober coach should have a basic understanding of alcoholism and the problems associated with it. Sober coaches in California should be able to identify and confront resistance to treatment, problem solve, communicate, and have goal-setting abilities. A sober coach should have an empathetic and understanding approach, be creative, and good time management skills. When hiring a sober coach, it is a good idea to have questions ready, and the sober coach will also want to ensure they are a good match. Strive for a sober coach that has some formal training or qualifications in the field of addiction. There are sober coach certifications yet no formal licensing through state authorities. Professional sober coaches will likely have their clients sign a contract and be organized with formalized plans. The sober coach should provide encouragement and positive feelings.


Alcohol Addiction Trends in California

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive alcohol use costs California $35 billion. In California, alcohol use disorder was more prevalent than other types of drug addiction. Approximately 6.4% of Californians between 2015 and 2016 had an alcohol addiction. Moreover, alcohol accounted for more nonfatal emergency department visits than all other drug diagnoses combined.



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