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Substance Abuse Intervention Services in Oklahoma

If your loved one is struggling with addiction and refuses to get help, the best solution is going through with a family intervention.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in Oklahoma.  There are many common reasons why families choose the route of intervention.  An addict will not always be willing to accept help, even during the initial stages of addiction.  The family may have made several attempts with trying to convince him or her to go treatment.

Unfortunately, the addict refuses, lashes out, or becomes violent.  The most common excuse given by addicts is they have it under control and can stop at any time.  When the addiction has progressed, the addict will tend to avoid family and friends altogether.  There is never a bad time to do an intervention, and it can be done at any point during drug addiction.  When you first contact our certified interventionists, we will answer all your questions surrounding addiction and substance abuse.

How Family Intervention Works

The intervention process can happen quickly, but there is a lot of planning and communication taking place before the intervention.  Much of the initial communication will happen over the phone.  We will want to gather information about the addict and provide you with everything you need to make a decision to go forward with an intervention.  Drug intervention saves lives, and our goal is to get your loved one committed to going to treatment.  Even if you have not selected a drug rehab center in Oklahoma, we can help you locate the best possible program.  This is important to have sorted out prior to the intervention.  It would be detrimental to the intervention not to have a drug rehab center waiting when they say yes.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive, and it does not take much for an addict to change his or her decision about treatment.  When you engage Newman Interventions to travel to Oklahoma, the first day is spent with the family.  Family education is essential and does help prepare the family for everything that will come.

When the day comes for the intervention to take place, there will have already been a place and time selected.  The people taking part in the intervention are those who are not persuaded by the smokescreen the addict puts up.  It is also people the addict may look up to or respect and who will have the largest impact.  A professional interventionist is there to mitigate the problems and keep the intervention moving forward.  Regardless of how severe addiction is, a properly conducted intervention does work.  Drug and alcohol abuse affects countless families living in Oklahoma. 


Drug Addiction Trends in Oklahoma

According to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the state had one of the highest rates of substance use disorders and ranked second in the nation. At the time of the report, approximately 11% of the population were struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, most are not receiving treatment for their addiction. In 2018, approximately 192,000 Oklahoma residents received substance abuse treatment services.  If you are searching for professional intervention services in Oklahoma, your first phone call should be made to Newman Interventions.  We will help your family organize the intervention and work with you to save the life of your loved one. 

Sources cited–http://www.odmhsas.org/eda/prevalence.htm

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