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Substance Abuse Intervention Services in New Jersey

Families searching for professional intervention services in New Jersey can contact Newman Intervention services as family intervention services are offered in New Jersey.  We are a nationwide intervention group and will travel to New Jersey to perform interventions.  Drug and alcohol addiction affects everyone differently.  There are often countless reasons why someone would choose to abuse drugs or alcohol.  Typically, this can be a deep-rooted issue, or they may have been bored or became addicted to prescription drugs.  The biggest problem that many families struggle with is convincing their drug-addicted loved ones to go to drug rehab.  This is not easy for a family because the addict may react badly, become angry, blame the family, or even become violent.

How Family Intervention Works

Drug intervention is the most successful way to get an addict to commit to going to drug treatment.  The intervention process, when properly planned and organized, does work.  Regardless of what stage of addiction a person is at, a professional interventionist can convince them with the help of the family.  Family involvement is how an intervention is successful.  When you engage Newman Interventions to come to New Jersey, the first day is spent with the family.  This is where much of the planning is done in person, such as choosing a location, time, and who will be there.  The people taking part in the intervention will write their letters to the addict.  The interventionist will prepare the family for everything that could possibly happen.  An intervention can be an emotionally charged situation.  The addict, when faced with a bottom line, may become angry, start crying, lash out against the family, and blame everyone in the room. 

This is why a professional interventionist is there, to ensure the family holds its ground and keeps pushing forward.  An intervention is only successful when the family sticks with the consequences they have all agreed on.  The moment they cave in and stop being on the same page, the intervention will fall apart.  The addict will find a way to delay treatment, and it will become impossible for the interventionist to convince the addict they need help.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive and consume the user physically and mentally. It is essential for families in New Jersey to take control and put an end to drug addiction.


Drug Addiction Trends in New Jersey

According to the 2019 substance abuse overview, there were close to 100,000 treatment admissions in the state. Approximately 31% of treatment admissions involved alcohol, 42% were for heroin addiction, and 11% involved marijuana. Moreover, 25% of patients attended outpatient care, 24% went to intensive outpatient treatment, and only 6% attended a long-term residential treatment center. 

If you are searching for a professional interventionist in New Jersey, Newman Interventions should be your first call.  Our intervention group will help your family go through the entire process, answer all your questions, and help your family save the life of the addict.  Drug addiction is not a life-long problem, and with the right help, any addict can beat their addiction.     

Sources cited– https://www.nj.gov/humanservices/dmhas/publications/statistical/Substance%20Abuse%20Overview/2019/Substance%20Abuse%20Overview%20Statewide%20Report%20-%20%202019.pdf

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