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Substance Abuse Intervention Services in Montana

Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and offers family intervention services in Montana. Doing an intervention is the best way to get an addict to understand the importance of treatment.  Regardless of what stage of the addiction the person is at, they will often always resist the notion of getting help.  The most common excuse is they have it under control and can quit at any time.  This is not the case; even recreational drug users will struggle to stop their habit.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive and consume the addict physically and emotionally.  It is not something that can just be stopped, and even the less than one percent of addicts who do it on their own struggle with constant relapse.


The Family Intervention Process

The purpose of going to treatment is to address the underlying issues and reasons why they started to abuse drugs.  This could be a deep-rooted problem, or they were bored and wanted to try drugs.  Regardless of why they did it, the goal of professional intervention is to save their life and get them to drug rehab.  Newman Interventions will work with you over the phone initially.  This is all about gathering information, getting to know the family, and collecting information about the addict.  This is the best time for the family to have all their questions answered about addiction, intervention, and anything else connected to substance abuse.  The more the family understands, the easier it is for them to go forward with an intervention.  Once you engage our certified interventionists to come, the first day is spent with the family.  This is to plan out every aspect of the intervention.  The family is prepared for what is to come, and this is essential for making the intervention work.

Many families will ask what if things go wrong, what do we do.  This is best to look at the point of view of what not to do.  For example, once you have made up your mind and have set a bottom line, you must stick with it and not go back on it.  Do not allow the addict to run emotional guilt trips on the family, and the interventionist will help you with this.  Do not ever believe that there is another solution other than rehab; drug addiction treatment is the only way to cure addiction.  A drug intervention can become emotionally charged, and the addict may cry, scream, yell, and blame the family for everything.  A professional interventionist will help the family maintain control of the situation and keep them moving forward.  Despite a sparse population throughout Montana, drug and alcohol abuse affects many people living within the state.


Drug Addiction Trends in Montana

According to the Department of Public Health and Human Services, an estimated 64,000 residents have a substance use disorder. Approximately 7% of residents aged 12 or older were dependent on or abusing alcohol, and 20% of adults reported binge drinking. Also, 3% of adults in the state are dependent on or abusing illicit drugs. Unfortunately, roughly 90% of residents struggling with addiction are not receiving treatment. If you are searching for a professional interventionist in Montana, your first call should be to Newman Interventions.  We will help your family save the life of the addict.  We can assist with finding treatment and will walk you through every step of the drug intervention.         

Sources cited– https://dphhs.mt.gov/Portals/85/Documents/SUDStrategicPlan.pdf

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