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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Hawaii

Drug and alcohol intervention is the best possible way to convince an unwilling addict to get help.  Hiring a professional interventionist to come to Hawaii will ensure the job is done correctly.  Newman Interventions will travel wherever you are living in Hawaii. When you first contact Newman Interventions, there is a lot of time spent on the phone gathering information.  The interventionist needs to know what drugs the addict uses, how much, are there any health problems, do they become violent, have they ever overdosed, etc. Even if you do not recall everything, a certified interventionist will know what questions to ask. 

The Family Intervention Process

Once people have been selected to be part of the intervention, starting it does not take long.  There is a lot of communication, planning, and organization, but the interventionist coordinates this. One important part of the intervention is choosing the location.  The location where the intervention takes place should be a distraction-free environment.  Most interventions take place in the parents’ home or the home of a family member or relative. 

Sometimes they happen in a hotel room, but they should be in a place that can be easily controlled.  When addicts are faced with no options but going to drug rehab, they will feel backed into a corner.  When emotions run high, and the addict may start to blame other people and try to manipulate their way out of the situation.  Having an intervention in a hotel several miles away from their environment is also beneficial.  The purpose of selecting the right location is not to make it easy for them to walk away from the intervention. 

Intervening is the only way to save someone struggling with addiction.  Newman Interventions will help you do this.  If you do not have a treatment program lined up, the interventionist will refer you to multiple programs and help you make the arrangements.  Whether this is drug detox and treatment, the right program can be selected to help the addict. 


Substance Abuse Trends in Hawaii

Despite its beauty across the many islands throughout Hawaii, addiction is a problem for many families. According to a state epidemiologic profile, there were no significant adult substance use changes between 2011 and 2016. Adults aged 18 to 25 reported significantly higher use rates for marijuana use, cocaine use, and other illicit drug use for the past month.  

If you are searching for an interventionist in Hawaii to help, Newman Interventions will come to you.  When no help is gotten for an addict, the addiction becomes worse, spiraling out of control.  The addict could become caught in the criminal justice system or end up in the hospital because of their addiction.  The first call you make to Newman Intervention is taking that first step in the direction of saving his or her life.  

Sources cited–https://health.hawaii.gov/substance-abuse/files/2019/06/Drug_2018_Hawaii_State_Epidemiologic_Profile.pdf 

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