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Substance Abuse Intervention in Arkansas

When you think of Arkansas, there is certain remoteness and isolation with the state. The population of Alaska is not even close to 800,000 residents, and most residents are situated in cities such as Anchorage and Fairbank. Unfortunately, substance abuse and alcohol addiction are problematic in most areas inhabited within the state. Alcohol, crystal meth, and even opioid addiction rips families apart and forces family members to intervene to save their loved one. When you choose to intervene, Newman Interventions will travel to Alaska and do the intervention. Drug addiction forces addicts to back themselves into corners, and place blame on the people around them. Despite an addict’s actions, they will not take responsibility for the consequences.

Families in Arkansas who are living with a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol must intervene, but you may not know where to start. When you contact a professional interventionist to come to Alaska, the initial time is spent with the family.

This process is preparing the family for what is to come. Newman Interventions will help you get key family members involved, especially those the addict looks up to or even still respects. Coordinated family involvement is the key to a successful intervention. A certified interventionist guides the family through the process and mitigates the situations brought up by your loved one. Something as important such as letters from the family will be organized by the interventionist, and each family member has a role to play.

Rehabilitation is what is needed to put the addicted person back in positive control of his or her life. An addict will not understand the importance of treatment until Newman Interventions helps the family show him or her what their addiction is doing to them. Addiction causes the addict to have blinders on, and things are not seen until they are dramatically pointed out. There are many remote communities in Alaska, and anyone is susceptible to addiction. When an interventionist travels to Alaska, their intention is to get your loved one into treatment. Anchorage Borough, Alaska, for example, saw over 200 drug-related deaths between 2012 and 2016. The population is just under 300,000 residents with a poverty rate of around 8%.

Regardless if you are living in poverty or not, anyone can be affected by addiction. Families with loved ones who are addicts face the stress of the addiction daily. When you contact Newman Interventions, you are taking control of the situation. Starting the process for intervention is giving your loved one a chance to beat the addiction.

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