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Substance Abuse Intervention in Vermont

Newman Interventions provides professional family intervention services to families in Vermont.  If the family is struggling with convincing a drug-addicted family member to seek out treatment, this would-be time to perform an intervention.  A well-organized intervention does work and helps the addict understand the importance of receiving treatment for his or her addiction. Organizing a professional intervention does not always have to be a last-ditch effort to get an addict into treatment.  In fact, if the family can catch the drug or alcohol problem before it spirals out of control, the treatment process while at drug rehab is often more successful. 


How Family Intervention Works

Families all across the state of Vermont struggle with someone they know or who is in the family and addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, most addicts during the initial stage of addiction are not always receptive to the idea of treatment.  The most common excuse is that they can do it independently and have everything under control.  This could not be further from the facts; drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive. Unfortunately, without treatment, the addiction does become worse. 

The purpose of a family intervention is to convince a drug-addicted loved one they need treatment. A professional interventionist helps the addict understand how their addiction has impacted their life and the lives of their family members. Typically the family intervention process lasts two days, and the first day is spent with the family planning the intervention. The second day is the intervention involving the drug-addicted family member.

Everything is planned with the family, such as who will be there, when and where it takes place, and what drug rehab they will attend. There is a significant amount of planning involved because intervention could become derailed because of enabling or family members pointing the finger and blaming the addict. A certified interventionist keeps the family intervention on track to prevent these problems from happening. Moreover, it helps the family scrip everything to say and follow through with consequences if the drug-addicted family member refuses drug rehab.


Drug Addiction Trends in Vermont

According to the Vermont Department of Health, one in six residents reports using marijuana. Overall, there is a trend of increased marijuana use since 2013. Alcohol use among all Vermont residents has decreased since 2011 but remains higher than the national average. Approximately 27% of adults aged 18 to 24 binge drink, which also increases the risk of significant health problems later in life.  

If you are searching for professional intervention services in Vermont, Newman Interventions can help.  The first phone call you make to our intervention group is the one that is taking control of the situation.  We will help your family save the life of the addict and get them safely into a drug rehab center.   


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