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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Maine

Substance abuse intervention services in Maine provide extensive help to any family struggling with a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many families do not think of an intervention as a solution, but it is an effective approach. The purpose of a family intervention is to convince the drug-addicted individual they need help. Moreover, it helps the addict understand how their addiction has impacted their lives and their family and friends’ lives.

Drug addiction consumes the addict physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Eventually, the only thing an addict cares about is the drugs they are using.  It is not that they have stopped loving their family; it is because the drugs have taken over.  When this happens, the family will want to bring in a professional interventionist.  The intervention process works because it is an out-side third-party trained to work with addicts and motivate families to make changes.

The Family Intervention Process

The moment a family contacts Newman Interventions, they have decided to take control of the situation.  Families fall into a state of fear, whether it is fear of the drug-addicted family member or the fear of losing them if they do not intervene.  Family intervention helps families in Maine take control of this fear and use it to save a life.  When a professional interventionist travels to Maine to do an intervention, there is a lot of planning involved. 

More specifically, there is a significant amount of communication between the interventionist and those involved.  When the interventionist arrives to meet the family, they prepare the family for everything to come.  For example, the letters from the family; one of the important steps to help the addict know the family means business.  These letters can make or break the intervention. As each family reads their letter, the effect is to break through the wall of anger the addict has.  

The letters are short and sweet but powerful because they are coming from a place of love and care.  This is something that no addict can avoid resonating with, despite the drugs and the addiction.  It is often at this point during the intervention when an addict makes the decision to get help.  It is steps like these that make an intervention effective and an optimal solution. 


Substance Abuse and Addiction Trends in Maine

Families throughout Maine struggle with someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. According to a state epidemiological profile, the highest binge drinking rates continue to be observed among those aged 18 to 25. In 2017, about one in five high school students reported using marijuana. The non-medical use of prescription pain medication is more likely among adults aged 18 to 25. Also, among this age group, approximately 7% had used cocaine in the past year. Overall, alcohol remains the substance most often used by Maine residents. Risky alcohol use, like binge drinking, remains a concern among adults 18 to 35. The combination of illicit street drugs or prescription drugs with alcohol increases the risk of overdose, leading to death. In 2018, drug medication overdoses decreased for the first time since 2014, while those related to alcohol overdose increased.

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