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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Delaware

When an addict has reached a point of no return, their only focus becomes getting high and finding a way to do it.  Unfortunately, this is often the most serious form of addiction when an addict has nothing left and is still doing drugs.  Families in Delaware who have gone through this scenario know the difficulty of getting an addict the help they need.  Intervention is often always used and is often always successful.  Newman Interventions has the experience and expertise families in Delaware need to help their loved ones get to drug rehab.


The Family Intervention Process

Newman Interventions will come to wherever you are in Delaware, meet with the family, and start making arrangements to perform the intervention.  A certified interventionist prepares the family for what is to come.  They are helping the family take charge and show the addict they will no longer enable their addiction.  Understanding what enabling is, allows a family to take control, and help the addict realize treatment is the only option.  The interventionist will handle the barriers that come up and keep everyone moving forward during the intervention. 

When you call Newman Interventions, you will spend a considerable amount of time on the phone with their staff. This process is there to gather preliminary information, get to know the family and talk about the addiction. When you speak to a professional interventionist, they will also help line up detox and treatment. Detox could be a medical detox provider or a standard detox provider. Treatment could include residential long-term or short-term services. It is important to have everything set in place before the intervention.

One of the most successful aspects of an intervention is the impact letters, which an interventionist helps the family draft. Most addicts will not agree to treatment at first, and it is only when the family starts reading their letters when the addict sees what their addiction is doing.  If you require intervention services in Delaware, call Newman Interventions.  We are a nationwide intervention group, and a professional interventionist can help your family save a life.


Substance Abuse Trends in Delaware

According to a 2020 State Epidemiological Profile, alcohol misuse is a major concern that presents an extensive public health risk and high social costs. Overall, adults in the state tend to report drinking and driving at least once in the past year. Also, approximately 37% of young adults aged 18 to 25 report binge drinking within the past month. Marijuana is also widely used across the state, and over the last decade, marijuana use among high school students has increased. Delaware has also been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, and the mortality rate was 43.8 deaths per 100,000.

Sources cited– https://www.cdhs.udel.edu/content-sub-site/Documents/2020%20Epi/2020%20Delaware%20Epidemiological%20Report.pdf

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