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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Minnesota

When families are searching for a professional interventionist, they may not find one locally. Newman Interventions provides drug and alcohol intervention services in Minnesota.  In many situations, an interventionist is referred to the family by the drug rehab center they have been speaking to.  Drug treatment centers across the country work with professional and certified interventionists.  The first phone call to a professional interventionist is the first step in saving the addict’s life.  Any family will struggle with stress, guilt, and remorse because of the addiction. 

Drug addiction consumes an addict in every way, and the consequences of addiction pour over onto the family dynamic. Most family members are unaware of what steps to take and are searching for answers.  Professional intervention is successful and does help an addict understand the importance of treatment. It will also help the family begin their healing like with family counseling or therapy.


The Family Intervention Process

When a family first engages Newman Interventions, we will want to gather information, answer questions, and explain the intervention process. There is a lot of planning that does go into a family intervention.  The whole process does happen quickly, but there is extensive communication between the family and the interventionist.  It is our job to prepare the family for everything that is going to happen.  The first day we arrive in Minnesota for the intervention is spent with the family.  This day is about educating the family and going over the entire process.  Every detail is ironed out right down to who is packing their bag and having it ready to go.  When the intervention happens, there are a number of things that could take place that an interventionist prepares the family for.

Some of the excuses as to why they cannot go to treatment include they cannot miss work, or their kids need them, or they can’t leave their dog.  The addict may ask for more time, saying they can handle it.  This is the time when they will play off the family’s emotions and manipulate the situation.  Most addicts will cry, scream, and blame everyone in the room for their problems. This is normal, and drug addiction causes you not to take responsibility for anything.  The worst-case scenario is they refuse, and the family must lay down the bottom line.  There is extensive coordination that goes on to prepare for these situations.  The only goal is to save their life and get them help.


Substance Abuse and Addiction Trends in Minnesota

Families all across Minnesota struggle with drug addiction or knowing someone who is addicted to drugs, yet not everyone receives the help they need. According to a biennial report, approximately 5.5% of Minnesota adults struggled with alcohol addiction, and 2% were addicted to drugs. Also, about 6.9% of the adult population was in need of some type of rehabilitation. Approximately 5.7% needed alcohol addiction treatment, and 2.1% needed treatment for drug addiction.  Overall, only 7.4% of those with addiction received treatment during the past year. Regardless of the drugs the addict is using; a professional intervention will save their life.  If you are searching for Intervention services in Minnesota, Newman Interventions will help and should be the first call you make.

Sources cited–https://mn.gov/dhs/assets/2016_drug_and_alcohol_abuse_in_minnesota_tcm1053-166258.pdf

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