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Drug Intervention in Oregon

Organizing a drug or alcohol intervention will save the life of an addict.  Families in Oregon who are watching a loved one struggle with addiction can contact Newman Interventions for help.  Our intervention group is a nationwide organization and provides family intervention services in Oregon.  A professionally conducted intervention does have a good rate of success.  Family members who are on board and follow through make the intervention successful. It is never too late to perform an intervention, and drug addiction does become worse the longer it is left untreated.

How Family Intervention Works

When you first start talking to Newman Interventions, we will want to gather as much information as we can.  This will be the information you know about his or her drug history, medical conditions, treatment history, do they become violent, and what is their current situation.  There is a lot of time spent on the phone answering questions.  This is the best time for the family to gain an understanding of the intervention process and drug addiction. A family may be afraid to go through with an intervention because of how the addict may respond.  Our certified intervention team will prepare a family for everything that could possibly happen during the intervention.  Having a professional interventionist present ensures the problems that do arise are mitigated effectively. 

Many families throughout the state of Oregon are watching a loved one struggle with addiction.  Drugs like heroin, marijuana, amphetamines, and prescription drugs create devastating addiction.  Alcohol addiction is responsible for thousands of drug treatment admissions each year, and most are through family intervention.  Regardless of the addiction, family intervention for drug addiction is an excellent resource. There is no bad time to organize and plan family intervention because drug addiction becomes progressively worse without help. The purpose of the family intervention is to demonstrate to the addict how their addiction has impacted the lives of the family and the addict’s life.   


Drug Addiction Trends in Oregon

According to prescribing and overdose data, overdose deaths involving opioids have been on the decline. However, benzodiazepine and stimulant overdose deaths have been on the rise. Hospitalizations for opioids have also been on the decline, yet heroin-related hospitalizations have been increasing. If you are searching for a professional interventionist in Oregon, your first phone call should be to Newman Interventions.  It is our goal to help your family save the life of your drug-addicted loved one.  Regardless of what state of addiction they are in, an intervention will save his or her life. Drug and alcohol intervention is the best way to convince an unwilling addict to understand drug rehabilitation’s importance.  

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