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Drug Intervention in North Dakota

When families start to search for professional intervention groups in North Dakota, they may not always come across local resources.  The drug treatment centers they are considering may even refer them to a certified intervention group that operates everywhere across the country.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide intervention group and provides family intervention services in North Dakota.  A drug or alcohol intervention is the most successful way to convince an addict to want to get help.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive and consume the addict physically and emotionally.  Most families have made several attempts at trying to help their loved ones get help but have no success.  They may have completely wiped their hands of the situation and decided there is nothing they can do.  Hiring a certified intervention specialist is often the last chance an addict has to get help.  When the family decides to do this, it is because they want to take control of the situation and save the addict’s life. 


How Family Intervention Works

When you first engage Newman Interventions, we will go over a lot of information with you on the phone.  This is the best time for families to gather information about intervention, drug addiction, and what to expect from an intervention.  Drug interventions are successful when you hire a professional interventionist to help you.  The family is prepared for everything that is to come, and Newman Interventions will come directly to you to perform the intervention.  When we first arrive, the first day is spent with the family to educate and plan the intervention.  The planning process is extensive, but the entire intervention process does happen quickly.  The interventionist will go over everything with you, such as selecting where the intervention happens, the time, and who will be there.  Every detail is planned out, such as who will be packing the bag when the addict agrees to go to treatment. 

When the addict agrees to go to treatment, there should be no delay or long goodbyes.  It should be no less than 30 or 45 minutes for us to get out of the door after the addict says yes.  It does not take much for an addict to change his or her mind about treatment.  Drug addiction causes people to become unpredictable, and when they are backed into a corner, anything could happen.  This is why it is always a good idea for the interventionist to escort the addict to the airport and directly to the treatment program.  We will know where along the way an addict may try to back out.  There are also cravings to contend with, and they may try to use drugs one last time before they go to treatment.  It is important for the family to stick with the plan and not back down from the bottom line.  An addict will try to push the limits and manipulate the family. 


Drug Addiction Trends in North Dakota

Substance abuse and addiction impact many of the families that live in the state. According to an epidemiological profile, adult alcohol use remained above the national average. However, the percentage of those who had an alcohol addiction decreased between 2014 and 2017. Also, the state saw a decrease in opioid use and consequences; however, the rate of cocaine use in the state increased between 2015 and 2018.

If you are searching for professional intervention services in North Dakota, Newman Interventions should be your first call.  We will help your family take every step to save the life of the addicted person.  Our goal is to get them to treatment and ensure they get the help they need for their drug addiction.      

Sources cited–https://prevention.nd.gov/files/pdf/EPI_2020.pdf

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