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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Louisiana

Newman Interventions is a nationwide intervention service and will travel to Louisiana to perform drug and alcohol family interventions.  The purpose of any addiction intervention is to get an unwilling addict to accept going to treatment. Countless families in Louisiana are watching someone they love become destroyed by drugs and alcohol.  When a family chooses to do an intervention, they are taking control of the situation.

The purpose of a family intervention is to convince the addict they need help, and this is done with the help of close family and friends. There is a lot of planning that goes into an intervention.  When a family first contacts Newman Interventions, the entire process is explained and all questions answered. It is important for the interventionist to gather as much information as they can.  The information the family provides the professional interventionist helps with planning the entire process.

The Family Intervention Process

When a family engages Newman Interventions to do the intervention, a certified interventionist spends a significant amount of time with the family, initially over the phone and then in-person.  The first day is spent with the family working out all the details.  This will involve deciding who is going to be at the intervention, where the intervention takes place, and planning for transportation to the treatment program.  One of the important steps is selecting a drug rehab center.  There are situations where a treatment program will have referred the family to an interventionist, but we can help the family find the right program if this is not the case.

Newman Interventions can also help the family explore payment options for the treatment center that has been selected.  It is important that financing is worked out before the intervention takes place.  The average addict will not want to wait around once they decide to go to treatment.  In fact, from the time they decide to go, it should only be around a 45-minute wait by the time we go out the door and travel to the drug rehab center. Most addicts are not strong enough to stick to their decision to go for treatment.  The last thing we will want is for the addict to take off and decide not to go.  This can be a scary situation for a family and does make the intervention more challenging.


Substance Use Trends in Louisiana

According to a Behavioral Health Barometer, approximately 6% of Louisiana residents aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused alcohol. Also, 2.9% of residents in the same age group were dependent on or abused illicit drugs. The annual average for treatment admissions for alcohol use among individuals aged 12 or older was similar to the nation’s annual average. Approximately 7.1% received treatment for alcohol addiction, and 92.9% did not receive treatment for alcohol use.

When searching for a professional interventionist in Louisiana, the first call should be to Newman Interventions.  The decision made to perform a family intervention will save the life of the addict.  Professional interventions do work, and when done properly, any addict can be convinced treatment is what they need.  Regardless of the obstacles and barriers, they throw up; a certified interventionist has the training and knowledge to overcome them.

Sources cited-https://ldh.la.gov/assets/docs/BehavioralHealth/BusinessIntelligence/2015_Louisiana_BHBarometer.pdf

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