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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in California

California is the most populated state in the nation, and regardless of where you live in the state, Newman Interventions will come to you.  The job of an interventionist is to help the family get their loved ones committed to treatment.  Each intervention is unique, and when you hire a professional interventionist, you are investing in his or her expertise.  Professional interventionists are certified by various state and national organizations.  They have spent the time to train and become experts in the field, and this is part of the reason why a professional conducted intervention is successful.  There are close to 40 million people living in the state of California, and substance abuse affects families from all backgrounds and walks of life.

California is an extremely diverse state and has one of the highest percentages of foreign-born residents.  When choosing Newman Interventions to come to California, you’re hiring a professional who takes the time to work with the family.  Every family should expect to spend a considerable amount of time on the phone with the staff at Newman Interventions.  This process is done to gather preliminary information, such as what drugs the person is using, for how long, how bad, and if they have ever overdosed.  Before any intervention starts, a professional interventionist must work with the family to become familiar with the current drug problem and history.

An interventionist then travels to meet the family and coordinates the efforts on the ground.  This is the family day, and extensive planning is done to ensure the intervention goes right and the addict agrees to treatment.  Newman Interventions will help the family bring in those who will be involved.  These are often friends and family who the addict trusts and or even looks up to.  The purpose is to communicate how the addiction is affecting the family, and showing how the family is now taking control.  The addict is not given many options, except treatment.  Whether you are choosing drug rehab in California, or out of state, a certified interventionist will help you locate the best possible treatment option.

A drug or alcohol addiction does not have to go to a point of no return.  Families can intervene at any time, and contacting Newman Interventions is the first step.  Between 2012 and 2016 there were close to 20,000 drug-related deaths in California.  Lake County in the state had the highest annual drug deaths per 100,000 residents during those years.  Drug addiction only becomes worse, and the fear a family feels is real and understood by the interventionist you hire.  Newman Interventions will do what it takes to help your loved one get the drug rehabilitation they need.   

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