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Drug and Alcohol Interventionist in Texas

Drug and alcohol addiction affects families from all parts of Texas.  Substance abuse is a dangerous problem that results in physical and psychological damage.  Too many Texas families are watching a loved one struggle with addiction and may not know what to do.  The most successful way to get an addict to go to treatment is through intervention.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in Texas.  When a family chooses to go through with an intervention, they are making the decision to take control. 

How Family Intervention Works

When you first engage Newman interventions to come to Texas, the first day is spent with the family.  Part of this family session is overcoming the barrier of enabling.  When the intervention happens, it is important for everyone there to be on the same page.  Typically, those who participate in the intervention are the family or friends who are not caught up in the addict’s antics and manipulation.  An addict knows how to play off the emotions of those close to him or her.  If the addict refuses to get help, the family will have to go through with a bottom line.  This is the consequence of not going to treatment and will happen if the addict does not accept the offer.


Drug abuse rips families apart, and those close to the addict are often blamed and attacked emotionally.  Drug addiction causes a person to stop taking responsibility for his or her life.  An addict will ignore the consequences of his or her addiction.  The family is then left cleaning up the mess, yet this only gives the addict more reason to keep doing drugs.  Enabling is a damaging problem that a professional interventionist can help a family work through.

The planning process is extensive, and there is a significant amount of communication between the intervention group and the family.  However, when the intervention happens, it often goes by quickly.  The ultimate goal is the addict breaks down and says yes.  Yet, they may start crying, yelling, screaming, or try to escape.  It is the job of the interventionist to prepare the family for everything that is to come.  This includes being prepared if they try and run, such as having friends or family and at the door, or blocking their car within the driveway, etc.  It is important that the addict knows the family means business and will not stand for what they are doing to their lives and the life of the family.


Drug Addiction Trends in Texas

Substance abuse and addiction impact many families and individuals that live in Texas. According to a state behavioral health barometer, between 2014 and 2017, the annual average prevalence of past-year marijuana use in the state was 10.2%. During that same time, the annual average prevalence of past-year heroin use was 0.17%. Among people aged 12 or older in Texas, between 2015 and 2017, 4.3% had misused prescription pain medication, and 0.6% had an opioid use disorder.

If you are searching for professional intervention services in Texas, Newman Interventions should be your first call.  Our intervention group has the proper training and certification to conduct a formal intervention.  Drug addiction destroys lives, and every year families are ripped apart because of it.  Intervention is the best way for an addict to understand the importance of receiving help for their addiction.

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