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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Nevada

When you are searching for interventionists in Nevada, you may not always come across local interventionists readily available.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and offers family intervention services in Nevada.  Certified interventionists have the qualifications and training to ensure your loved one will commit to going to treatment.  Interventions do work, and there is a lot of planning and preparation, but the process does happen quickly. 


How Family Intervention Works

When you engage Newman Interventions to come to you, the first day is spent with the family.  This is where all the planning will happen.  For example, the people who are going to be there are selected, those members will put together their letters, and a place and time is chosen. Everything is planned out, right down to who is packing the bag and having it ready to go.  When the addict does say yes, it is recommended that the interventionist transport him or her to the airport. Drug and alcohol addiction consumes a person physically and mentally, and their only focus becomes the drugs they are using.  This is why they will say things to try and manipulate the family and blame them for everything that is happening.  An intervention can be an emotionally charged situation, but this is why a professional interventionist is there. 

That moment when the addict says yes to treatment, there should be no delay with getting them out the door and to the airport.  This means the family should not get caught up with long good-byes and dragging the situation out longer than needed.  It does not take much for an addict to put up a fight and change their mind.  Drugs and alcohol are powerfully addictive.  Each substance has its way of causing the user to become addicted easily and stay addicted.

However, regardless of the type of drugs they are using, drug rehab is the only solution.  If you are searching for a professional interventionist in Nevada, Newman Interventions should be your first call.  That first call you make is the moment you decide to take control of the situation.  Newman Interventions will take the family through every step of the intervention process and will ensure they are fully prepared for everything that will happen.       


Drug Addiction Trends in Nevada

According to an addiction and substance use report, between 1999 and 2016, the drug overdose death rate in Nevada increased from 11.5 to 21.7 per 100,000. In 2016, Nevada’s opioid death rate was 13.8 deaths per 100,000. Also, during that same year, the state had one of the highest rates of opioid pain medication prescribing at 87.5 prescriptions per 100 state residents.  

Sources cited–http://cdclv.unlv.edu/healthnv_2017/addiction_17.pdf

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