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Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in Pennsylvania

Drug and alcohol intervention is the most successful way to get an unwilling addict to understand the importance of going to drug rehab.  When families in Pennsylvania are searching for intervention groups, they may not always find someone locally.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in Pennsylvania.  When you decide to hire a professional interventionist, you are taking control of the situation and deciding to put a stop to the addiction. 

How Family Intervention Works

The first day when Newman Interventions arrives to perform an intervention in Pennsylvania is spent educating the family.  Family education is essential because it helps bring everyone who is taking part a better understanding of drug abuse.  This will also be the time when all the organizing is done.  For example, the place and time where the intervention is taking place, family letters, and who will be present during the intervention.  Deciding who will be at the intervention is important because it should not be anyone who would give in to the addict or who is easily manipulated by the addict.  When it comes time to follow through with the bottom line or the consequences, the family members who are there must be willing to do this.  The bottom line is set when the addict refuses to listen and go to treatment. 

Additionally, many families become caught up with enabling and supporting the addict.  Enabling drug addiction is one of the most damaging things a family can do.  When you are enabling someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are telling them it is ok they are living their lives like this.  Enabling could be giving them money, buying groceries, always giving them a place to stay, or bailing them out of legal trouble.  Newman Interventions will help a family understand the dangers of enabling. Moreover, drug rehabilitation is the only effective way to treat any type of drug or alcohol addiction.  An addict must start with the detox process and move into an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment program, followed by aftercare. 


Drug Addiction Trends in Pennsylvania

According to the state of Pennsylvania, approximately 17% of adults in the state binge drink, 6%  are at risk for problem drinking, and 6% have a chronic drinking problem. The prevalence of binge drinking has remained relatively steady, and in 2019 it was 169 residents per 1000 residents who were struggling with binge drinking. Also, approximately 60 residents per 1000 residents are considered chronic drinkers. Newman Interventions will help your family save the life of your loved one and get them into a drug treatment center.  Even if you have not found a drug rehabilitation program, our intervention group will help you find the best possible treatment for their addiction.  If you are searching for professional intervention services in Pennsylvania, you should be reaching out to Newman Interventions for help.     

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