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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Ohio

Most families will choose the route of going through with professional intervention.  Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and provides family intervention services in Ohio.  A drug and alcohol intervention is the most successful way to convince an unwilling addict to get the help they need.  When you become consumed by drugs and alcohol, it takes over emotionally and physically.  Many addicts struggle with substance abuse for much of their lives before they get help.  A family in Ohio may have tried several times to convince the addict to go treatment without success. Newman Interventions provide the family the resources they need to regain control and save the drug-addicted family member’s life.

How Family Intervention Works

The only way to save an addict is to get them to go to drug treatment.  Newman Interventions will help you save the life of your loved one.  The intervention process starts and finishes with the family.  Our intervention group will help prepare your family for everything that will come.  When the intervention happens, our only concern is keeping the family-focused and on task.

The addict may be manipulating the family, or the family is afraid of the addict because of how they react.  However, most families enable drug addicts and give them what they want, such as money or a place to live. Enabling drug addiction is the most damaging thing that any family could do.  When you are doing this, you are telling the addict that it is ok they are abusing drugs or alcohol. 

The goal of family intervention is to get them into treatment, follow through with the bottom line if necessary, and ensure they get on the plane.  It is always best for the interventionist to escort the addict to the treatment center.  Between the time they leave the house and get to treatment, any number of things could happen.  It does not take much for an addict to change his or her mind about treatment.  A qualified interventionist will know what to expect and how to handle the situation when it comes up. 


Drug Addiction Trends in Ohio

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug overdose deaths involving opioids dropped between 2017 and 2018. Overdose deaths involving opioids declined to 571 in 2018. The number of deaths involving fentanyl decreased by 20%, and heroin-involved deaths also decreased between 2017 and 2018.

If you are searching for professional intervention services in Ohio, Newman Interventions should be your first call.  When you start the intervention process, you are deciding to take control of the situation.  The family is saying they have had enough and will no longer enable the addict or provide any other help besides drug treatment.        

Sources cited– https://www.drugabuse.gov/drug-topics/opioids/opioid-summaries-by-state/ohio-opioid-involved-deaths-related-harms

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