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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Kansas

Newman Interventions is a nationwide service and will travel to Kansas to help a family conduct an intervention.  When you call Newman Interventions, you are taking control of the situation and making that first step to save a life. The process of any intervention is well planned out, and there is a lot of time communicating, organizing, and preparing the family.  When the intervention happens, it often occurs quickly because the people involved are prepared with a bottom line and ready to follow through with it.  A professional interventionist walks a family through all of this and will prepare them for what is to come.  

The Family Intervention Process

Families in Kansas who struggle with addiction can organize a family intervention to help the drug-addicted family member.  The average addict will refuse to get help and will often attempt to manipulate the family into helping them continue to abuse drugs or alcohol.  It is common for family members to become caught up in a cycle of the addict asking for help other than treatment, and the family or friends are giving in. Part of this process is selecting a drug rehab center.  Choosing the right program is important, and Newman Interventions can help you find detox and treatment in your area or other parts of Kansas. 

The initial assessment will help determine the severity of the addiction, and this information is gathered from the family.  Drug rehabilitation should be a comprehensive approach based on the needs of the addict.  Some drug treatment programs may have referred you to an interventionist for help.  If this is the case, this part of the process is complete.  Intervention specialists work with many different drug treatment centers and can provide insight into the various programs. 

When an addict is abusing drugs, they become consumed emotionally, physically, and psychologically.  The drugs or alcohol take control of the addict where they only end up seeing one thing, which is their drug use.  Intervention places the impact of their drug use in front of them. Through the letters that family and friends read to an addict, they will see first-hand what their drug addiction is doing.  This is an emotionally charged process but is quite effective.  A professional interventionist will mitigate the problems and barriers that come up and ensure the addict understands the family means business. 


Substance Abuse Trends in Kansas

Regardless of what type of drugs or alcohol the addict is abusing, the proper type of treatment is available. According to the prescription drug tracking program, total prescriptions for opioids, stimulants, and benzodiazepines decreased by 4.5% from 2016 to 2019. However, the state experienced a 27% increase in drug-related overdosed deaths from all types of prescription drugs. Overdose deaths related to prescription opioids decreased by 20% during the same time-frame. If you are looking for professional intervention services in Kansas, Newman Interventions will take the call to help.  Any addict can be saved, and with family and friends coming together, the addict can get the help they need.           

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