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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Washington D.C.

The state capital looks nice and well-kept for everyone who visits, but underneath everything, there is a long history of people struggling with addiction and crime.  When you hire an interventionist to come to Washington, D.C., the intervention’s goal is to get an addict into treatment.  Newman Interventions travels to wherever you are in Washington, D.C., performs the intervention, and ensures your loved one arrives in treatment safely. 

With most addictions, there are often problems that arise with the legal system.  This is where an experienced interventionist helps.  If the addict is in jail or caught up in the legal system, an interventionist can work with the courts and potentially arrange for release into treatment.  Unfortunately, this is an endless cycle for addicts, being caught up in crime and addiction.  There is often no way out unless they end up in jail or go to treatment. 


Family Intervention and the Criminal Justice System

An addict caught up in the criminal justice system can be a strong motivating factor for them to want to get help to avoid jail time.  A certified interventionist knows how to handle these situations, work with the courts, and take the necessary steps.  It is often easier to get a person released to drug rehabilitation if they have a short sentence.  Most states have DUI courts or courts for drug-related charges, and this includes D.C.

Drug charges can be a serious problem for an addict. If the family does not choose to intervene, their drug crimes can lead to something worse.  Unfortunately, this could involve them getting hurt or someone else becoming hurt or injured.  When an intervention is done the right way, most addicts will decide to cooperate.

If you require drug and alcohol intervention services in Washington D.C., you should be calling Newman Interventions.  Speaking to a professional will give you the comfort of knowing there is hope, and addiction can be stopped.  Your loved one does not have to spend the rest of his or her days addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Substance Abuse Trends in Washington, D.C.

The choice you make to hire a professional interventionist is one that will help save the addict’s life. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 191 opioid overdoses in 2018. Deaths involving heroin declined between 2017 and 2018. However, deaths involving prescription opioids or synthetic opioids remained stable. In 2018, Washington D.C. providers wrote 25 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons.  It is never too late to organize an intervention.  Newman Interventions understand that timing is important and will work with whatever situation presents itself during the intervention.

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