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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Arkansas

Drug and alcohol intervention works, and regardless of where you are in Arkansas, Newman Interventions will come to you.  Bringing in a professional interventionist is the best way to ensure your loved one makes it to treatment.  Most addicts fall into patterns of convincing their parents, friends, or other family members they have their drug problems under control. 

There may even be a time where they are sober, and this may last a few days, weeks, or even months, but the cycle of addiction starts all over again.  That is the problem with any addiction; drugs and alcohol consume the addict physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  A certified interventionist will help you understand why an intervention works.

The Family Intervention Process

Newman Interventions help a family stop the pattern of the addict refusing help, running away, and coming back again, only to repeat this.  The family is regaining control of the situation when they hire a professional interventionist.  The family is familiarized with what to expect during the intervention.  The entire process is planned out, and family members are brought together.  Certified interventionists will help you get the important family members to come to the intervention.  It is all about preparing for the challenges ahead.

Helping the addict understand the importance of treatment is the goal.  Newman Interventions take the family through every step and mitigates the problems that arise during the intervention.  Much of this whole process is showing the addict the family means business.  And this is done with the presence of an outsider and, in this case, a professional interventionist.

When every person sitting in the room is now refusing to enable their addiction, most addicts have a light that snaps on briefly. Unfortunately, this is often the point they realize it is the end of the line, and there are no options left but treatment.  Even if you have not found a drug rehab center in Arkansas, Newman Interventions will assist with the referrals you need.


Substance Abuse Trends in Arkansas

Addiction affects families across Arkansas, whether in Little Rock, Fayetteville, or Fort Smith.  According to a 2018 Annual Report analyzing prescription drug use, the top-selling prescription drug type in 2018 in Arkansas was opioids. However, between 2016 and 2018, the number of opioid pills sold decreased by 21%. The second top-selling controlled class is benzodiazepines, and the third top-selling were stimulant drugs. Countless addictions begin with prescription drugs, and it leads to dangerous consequences.

The decision you make to hire a professional interventionist will save your loved one’s life.  Contacting Newman Interventions today starts the process immediately, and regardless of where you are in Arkansas, an interventionist will come to you.

Sources cited– https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/pdf/2018_Annual_Report_09_09_19.pdf

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