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If you’re dealing with a loved one who has a drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve thought about holding an intervention to help convince them to go to rehab. While the situation might feel uncomfortable, you know the results are worth it if it can bring them back to sobriety. 

A key point to the intervention is having a professional interventionist who knows how to direct the situation. This person can help family and friends reach the individual and making a compelling reason why rehab is the best option.

Learn more about staging an intervention and how to find the right person to conduct it. 

Find Out What Their Education and Experience Consist Of

A professional interventionist normally has a background in psychology. They start off with a psych degree from an undergraduate school and then move on to a master’s in counseling, psychology, or even social work. 

Other must-haves include a state license and insurance that protects them and their practice. Know that in order to offer quality help, a professional must have a background in these studies and take CEUs every year to help polish their skills.

Ask to see credentials to ensure you’re working with someone who has the education needed to back their sessions. 

Understand Different Models a Professional Interventionist Can Use

Interventionists use different models in order to reach a person. The ARISE network model is one of the most popular. Here, the needs of the addicted individual, along with those of their loved ones, are carefully handled. 

Other types of methods interventionists use include Community Reinforcement and Family Training. Pressures to Change and the Johnson Intervention Model are also popular.

Ask and find out what method the professional likes to use and discuss if this works best for your loved one before deciding to use their services. 

See What Their Success Rate Is for Rehab

Choosing the right substance abuse counselor is no easy task. It’s important that before you select anyone, you know how much experience they have in the field. 

Find out how many interventions they’ve staged previously, and what the success rate was for each one. Since you care about your loved one, you want to feel confident that the intervention has a high success rate.

At the very least, you want to seek a professional who is dedicated to doing everything they can to convince your loved one to take rehab. 

Know Their Fees and What’s Not Covered

Although medical insurance can cover various types of treatment and rehab centers, an interventionist’s fees are normally not covered. Since you’ll be paying out of pocket, it’s important to find out how much these cost.

Fees range anywhere from a little over one thousand to up to ten thousand or more. Much of this depends on the interventionist, their success rate, and how long they’ve been working in the field.

Knowing in advance can keep you from getting surprised later on.

Learn More About Finding the Right Professional Interventionist 

Getting your family member or loved one the help they need can prove a difficult and frustrating process. Choosing a professional interventionist with the right technique, education, and experience makes a difference in your loved one listening–or turning back to their addiction.

If you don’t want to lose the person you love, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and see how we can assist you in staging an intervention.

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