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Drug and alcohol interventions have saved the lives of thousands of people who were battling with serious addictions. And more people than ever are seeking professional treatment for their addictions. 

When it comes to recovery, few things motivate addicts more than heartfelt concern and encouragement from those they respect and love. 

If you’ve been considering setting up an intervention for someone you care about, you probably have lots of questions. A common question is “How much does an intervention cost?”

You have different options when it comes to scheduling an intervention, so read on to learn a little more:

Are There Any Free Interventions?

There are some rare situations in which an intervention might be free. Sometimes a religious leader such as a pastor, bishop, or priest might be willing to act as an interventionist.

It’s important to consider this person’s level of experience and their potential for achieving successful results. Many ecclesiastical leaders have very little, to no experience with an intervention. 

Less Expensive Interventionist Options

There are some professionals such as counselors, social workers, and psychologists that can act as an interventionist. They are able to serve those who are at a low to moderate risk.

These people might be cheaper than a professional interventionist. They likely charge their regular office hours, or some might require additional fees for the service. 

Many of these individuals are well-trained at offering interventions. Be aware that the sessions might be brief and will likely include one or two intervention sessions. These brief meetings are meant to provide advice and increase the addict’s motivation to quit. 

Intervention Cost With Professional Interventionists

For those who are at a moderate to severe risk in their drug or alcohol abuse, a professional interventionist is the best option. These professionals are well-trained, experienced individuals. They are usually certified and able to provide a high level of guidance, care, and proper intervention.

The intervention cost associated with a professional interventionist is the most expensive option. It’s also the option most likely to yield positive changes for the addict. If someone you care about has a drug or alcohol addiction, hiring a professional interventionist is the best route for encouraging recovery. 

An intervention with a professional is an intense meeting where the addict will be asked to face their loved ones and hear ultimatums that will prompt them toward long-term change. 

Other Associated Intervention Costs

Most interventions last a couple of days at least. The first day is the consultation with the family and close friends and sets the stage for the formal intervention. On the second day, the actual intervention takes place.

There will be costs associated with transportation and lodging for a professional interventionist if traveling is needed. Before you book an interventionist, be sure to discuss ask if they’ll be traveling and ask about any other additional fees that you should expect. 

Set Up An Intervention 

Contact us to learn what an intervention cost would be in your area and to ask any questions you have about the intervention process.

Our professional interventionists have conducted countless interventions. Our services have lead to happier, healthier lives free from addiction for so may of our clients and we want to see the same happen for your loved one.  


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