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Did you know that there are over 80 jobs in the psychology field?

We’ve all heard of a life coach, psychiatrist, substance abuse counselor, therapist, clinician, and more. Lots of people have a hard time understanding the differences between them.

Anyone working in these positions is qualified to help people. However, some professions are better suited for individual needs.

Keep reading to learn the differences between a certified substance abuse counselor, a therapist, and a psychologist. This information can help you or a loved one get the help they need to overcome an addiction.

Understanding a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

If you need addiction counseling, seeing a certified substance abuse counselor is the best choice.

Counselors care for patients by encouraging them and being their confidant. They’re there to listen to your problems, share words of wisdom, and motivate you.

Since their expertise is substance abuse counseling, they’ve helped many people like you. The more experience someone has, the better prepared they are to get positive results.

Understanding a Therapist

Therapists are perfectly capable of treating people with addictions, but it may not their specialty. The term therapist encapsulates many professions. If you see a therapist, they could be a psychologist, life coach, social worker, or more.

Therapists like to focus on people’s motivations, fears, and life stories to understand their actions. A therapist can come from many psychology backgrounds. That’s why it’s essential to know their credentials, education, and years of experience.

Understanding a Psychologist

A psychologist falls under the branch of a therapist. The difference is they have more education than other branches of therapists. They listen and analyze your problems to prescribe the right treatments for you.

Psychologists are trained to stick with the books. Their courses of treatment rely more on research instead of individual cases.

How Do I Find the Right Substance Abuse Counselor near Me?

Anyone working in the mental health field will take care of you. However, some approaches are more helpful when you consider individual needs.

A certified substance abuse counselor should be the top pick for someone who wants to get sober. These counselors have expert, fine-tuned training because recovery is their passion.

The road to sobriety is tough. That’s why you’ll need someone who will cheer you on and inspire you when you get discouraged.

Before you choose a counselor, it’s always a good idea to talk with them. This way you can get a feel for their personality and methods. Asking for a free consultation is a great way to see if you have chemistry with your counselor. The more you can trust someone, the better your chances are at beating your addiction.

Ready to Get the Help You Need?

As you can see, there are a few important differences between a certified substance abuse counselor, therapist, and psychologist. Now you can make the best decision to get the right kind of help for your unique needs.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, New Man Interventions would love to help you get sober. Contact us to learn how we can change your life.

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