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How to Choose the Right Substance Abuse Counselor

substance abuse counselor

Are you struggling to overcome an addiction? Whether you came through an intervention or made the decision on our own if you’re ready to start facing your addiction you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a substance abuse counselor can make all the difference in your success. But not all counselors are the […]

5 Tips to Hold a Successful Intervention for a Loved One

intervention tips

Drugs, legal or otherwise, are part of nearly everyone’s daily life, but when does it become a problem? Around 21.5 million Americans aged 12 or older suffer from a substance abuse disorder, but if you yourself are suffering, it can be hard to tell if you have a problem. This is where an intervention can […]

What Is an Interventionist?

what is an Interventionist

Did you know the abuse of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco costs the country over $740 billion each year? Millions of people suffer from an addiction, which means there’s likely someone in your life facing this same struggle. Addiction can destroy relationships, tear families apart, and cause pain and devastation for those who are suffering. […]

What to Expect From Family Intervention Services

family intervention services

Someone you love is spiraling due to drug and alcohol use. You feel like there is nowhere left to turn. How can you just turn your back on this person? You want to help, but what more can you do? Plenty of people have been in this situation, especially with the current drug use trends […]