Why Should You Do an Intervention? Here Are 3 Reasons to Think About!

why should you do an intervention

Back in 2014, more than 21.5 million adults in the U.S. had a substance abuse disorder. One in 10 Americans aged 18 to 25 were heavy alcohol users and one-third were constantly binging on alcohol. These numbers have only increased over the past few years. Alcohol and drug abuse are a global concern. Millions of […]

Tough Love or Professional Intervention? Which Intervention Method Is Better?

professional intervention

Statistics show that 23.5 million Americans have an alcohol and drug abuse problem. If you have a loved one who is currently an abuser this situation is not unique to your family. It’s hard to see someone you love abusing drugs without doing anything about it. You may have seen television shows where families intervene with […]

What Can You Expect from Alcohol Intervention Services?

intervention services

No family member wants to stage an intervention. The reality show Intervention became a hit when A&E started airing it in 2005, but it was a messy and not entirely realistic hit. For one thing, the show claimed it had a 75 percent recovery rate. For people not on TV, staying sober is a lot […]

How to Know if You’re Working with a Certified Intervention Professional

certified intervention professional

Addiction is a national epidemic with staggering numbers. In 2015, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse reported that 15.1 million adults aged 18 or older had a serious alcohol use disorder. The numbers are shockingly high for narcotic drugs and prescription drugs abuse as well. If you live with an addict or have one in your […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Newman Intervention Services

Newman Intervention Services

Treatment is for the addict, but intervention is for family and friends. This special meeting helps anyone in an addict’s life know that they did their best to help. It’s hard to calculate statistics on the effectiveness of drug interventions, but they do increase the likelihood of an addict seeking treatment. Newman Intervention Services is […]

5 Tips for a Successful Intervention

tips for a successful intervention

Drug addiction is a terrible disability that tears lives apart and destroys families. Did you know that 10% of Americans have had problems with drug abuse in their lives? Coupled with the fact that illegal drug use is still rising, it’s become a real problem. If you know someone who struggles with addition, you know how […]

Road to Sobriety: How to Choose the Best Alcohol Addiction Services

alcohol addiction services

Given that around 23 million Americans are dealing with addiction at any given point, one of the most common addictions is alcohol. Alcohol addiction services have been around for years but they’ve gotten very sophisticated and useful for helping people quit drinking for good. If you’re looking for a program that’s going to be catered […]

Drug Addiction Services: What Are Your Options?

drug addiction services

Estimates place the total annual drug overdose deaths in the US at over 70,000. That says nothing about the emotional and financial toll that addiction takes on individuals and families. If you or someone you care about faces a substance abuse problem, it isn’t always clear what you can do. How can you even know […]

How to Find a Professional Interventionist

professional interventionist

If you’re dealing with a loved one who has a drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve thought about holding an intervention to help convince them to go to rehab. While the situation might feel uncomfortable, you know the results are worth it if it can bring them back to sobriety.  A key point to the intervention […]

Your Ultimate Drug and Alcohol Intervention Guide

Drug and Alcohol Intervention guide

When a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol it affects the whole family. Sometimes when it comes to alcohol it takes the family to step in and hold an intervention before the loved one understands that their drinking has become a problem.  This is because drinking is so normalized within our everyday lives. […]