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As of 2015, 151 of the 270 subjects that were on the show Intervention remained clean and sober. That’s a whopping 55% and much higher than the national average of around 5-10%. 

So what is it about the Intervention format that works so well? Hiring a professional interventionist could be just what your family needs to help a struggling loved one. Read on to learn more about how to help them become a success story.

1. They Can Help Show You What Led to This Point

Many addictions start from some form of trauma or abuse. But it’s not always that obvious from the outside looking in. Seeing the signs on the wall that led your loved one to an addiction is difficult for many people. 

An interventionist can help you evaluate their life choices and circumstances and make sense of the path that led them to this point so that they can make changes that will help them in the future.

2. They Put an End to Enabling

The reason many addicts continue to use is that they are enabled by their family members. Loved ones feel like they are helping out by providing food, care, and housing for their addicted friends and family members.

They feel like they are doing what they can to help keep them safe. But in actuality, they are really enabling the addict to continue their current lifestyle.

A professional interventionist can show you what you might be doing to proliferate your loved one’s addiction. They can put an end to enabling by helping you to set boundaries that you can keep.

3. They Can Help Get Help for the Whole Family

An addiction is a disability that affects the whole family. It’s important that all family members understand how the addiction has impacted them and get help to deal with the trauma it might have caused.

A professional interventionist can help to heal family bonds and open up a dialogue between addicts and their loved ones that help them understand how they are interacting with each other.

4. They Can Stop Conflicts Before They Heat Up

Interventions are very stressful for both family and friends, as well as the addicts. During the process, a lot of buried pain and turmoil will most likely be uncovered.

It’s important that everyone stay calm as these things come up and not give in to the temptation to blame the addict or start a conflict. An interventionist is a neutral party that can create the right environment.

5. They Will Keep the Intervention on Track

A professional interventionist is trained to know what to expect during the process and can help keep everyone on track. They will help you get the addict to the intervention site, can help you plan what to say, and can help you put together a treatment plan to help your loved one.

How to Hire a Professional Interventionist

Now that you have read all of the benefits of hiring a professional interventionist, it’s time to take charge of your loved one’s addiction and get them the help they need.

Contact us today for intervention services.

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